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October 22, 2009 - Added essay pages for Dr. Oliver Fairfield Wadsworth's and Oliver Fairfield Wadsworth, Jr.'s families and linked them to their page on the family tree.  Also linked my essay on my grandparents, Larry & Bert Hansen, to their page on the family tree.

January 14, 2009 - Added a page for Frank Hiebsch.

May 15, 2007 - Added Joseph Sherburne Elfner's military record to the Sherb page.

April 25, 2007 - Added the Birth date of Frank Hiebsch.

April 1, 2007 - Added an essay about Jacob Joseph Elfner, my Great-Grandfather.

March 19, 2007 - Added some details to the Sherb page, and created one for my Dad, Eliot.

February 4, 2007 - Created an Essay about my Grandfather, Joseph Sherburne Elfner (Sherb) and linked it to the Family Tree and In My Life pages.

February 2-4, 2007 - Upgraded my family tree software to Rootsmagic.  Converted our old Family Origins data.  Created a copy with no dates for living family members and used Rootsmagic's Internet feature to create a website.  Made some minor changes to "Sources" and "Email Us".