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Elfner Music

All of the Elfners are relatively interested in music.  Some has even been recorded.  Jon has quite a bit documented from his tenure with Melodia, OM and Staff Infection, but I have some rarities of his and others that are pretty good.  All were pulled off old cassette recordings.  In order of recording date:

1967 - Larry Hansen on Piano - Larry Hansen was our grandfather, and while we all remember him on the piano, I don't think we were old enough to listen to and appreciate what he was playing.  Luckily Eliot must have turned on the old Sony cassette recorder and got a bit of his playing in 1967.  My Mom, Bonnie, tells me that one of his standards was "Girl of my Dreams", and I believe you can hear him quietly singing the lyrics at one point.  Jon's comment in 2006 was that he was surprised how much Grandpa was doing with his left hand to fill in the rhythm.

1987 - Melodia - Count on Me - APHS Talent Show - This is Jon on drums and Ed on piano.  It was supposed to be a trio with a bassist as well, but he stepped off the stage just before they started with an equipment problem.

1987 - Melodia - Do We have to Say Goodbye? - APHS Talent Show - The second song of their set.  You can tell this was when Phil Collins was at the height of his popularity.  Jon seems to be influenced by Phil's powerful drum fills as part of the beat.

1988 - Melodia - Autumn - APHS Talent Show - A tremendous improvement in songwriting, arrangement and performance over one short year.  It starts with a clever, instrumental intro.  The sax's reed was squeaking, but you can tell what it is supposed to sound like.  Ed plays both piano and trombone, and Jon steps up from the drums to deliver the second line of the second verse.  You can also hear Eliot yelling, "All Right!" at a musical break toward the end (at 6:42 actually.)

1989 - Grotto Sandwich - Daisies - Mr. Jiggles Jubilee Rehearsal - I filled in as the drummer for a band called Grotto Sandwich.  This rehearsal recording caught the best I've ever heard myself drumming.  It helped that they had a really strong bassist.  Despite the macabre theme of the song, it was my favorite from that band written by Cheryl and GreggO.

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