May 1977 - 4th Grade at Resurrection Catholic School

For a long time I remembered that I had these negatives, and I was looking forward to scanning them in because I've never seen them larger than the 4"x4" print the lab returned to me in 1977.  Back in 4th Grade, knowing my interest in photography, Sister Maxine, our 4th Grade teacher, let me bring my camera in one day.  She took the entire class outside that sunny May day and I took a series of four pictures that captured the whole class, or at least everyone that was there that day.

Looking back at them now, I still remember most of the faces.  Some of the girls' names have eluded me, but I remembered all the guys.  If anyone seeing this page can fill in the question marks, please send me an e-mail (elf(at) is a good one to use.)  A full question mark means I don't have a guess, a name with a question mark means I think I know who it is, but I'm not sure.  Funny story that I have a question mark after "Me."  If there's no question mark, I remember the whole name, I just try not to put last names on the Internet.


Judy G., Sister Maxine, Chris S., Dean J., Me?, John F. Mike S.


Back:  Mary V., Mark D., Chuck K., Scott A., Joe L.
Front:  Eric H., Eric B.


Front:  Lisa P., Megan T., Kris?, Christy H., Amy V.
Back:  Cathy A., Michelle H.?, Mary Beth P.


Front:  Molly C., Holly??, Ann K., Ann B.?, Sharon B.?
Back:  Andrea G., Sharon R., Molly K.


One thing I noticed as I was posting this:  The girls at Res typically had to wear uniforms, and they are not wearing them this day, which gives us a better glimpse of kid fashion in the late 1970s.

Other friends I remember from 4th Grade that do not seem to be in these shots:  Steven L., Tom P., Mary H., Jeff P.


I think it's fascinating to see how we all looked and how our parents dressed us back then.  Sister Maxine was an open-minded, creative teacher who tried to find new challenges for me.  It was very cool of her to let me take these pictures, and I'm afraid I repaid her kindness by testing some limits of authority on her.  I doubt she'll ever run across this page, but if she does I hope she gets in touch with me so I can say "Thanks!"  (And maybe apologize for telling her I wanted to be a photographer for Playboy when I grow up.  ** sigh **  I can't believe I said that to a nun!  I was on the Highway to Heck.)


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