March 1976 - Bitters Court & Football 'Cards'

What good is a camera if you can't make your own football cards?  But first some goings on around the court in spring of 1976.


Mike got a new bike.  It was very cool because it was styled like a motorcycle and even had some sort of shock absorber on the front fork.  If only those garbage guys hadn't taken our awesome jump!


Cynthie is hanging out and enjoying the weather on the front lawn.


She's probably watching us playing super heroes on the tree.  The tree is still there, only now has a huge trunk (maybe 18" diameter) and very tall.  Another notable item in the picture is the Gould's basketball hoop.  When their boys moved away they sold or gave it to us.  Eliot dug it out, complete with its concrete ball around the post.  He then somehow wrestled across our lawn and driveway, dug a new hole and set it up there.  Incredibly the basket was within 2 inches of 10' high.  Nice work, Dad!


The superhereos have stolen Evel Knievel's bike's and are racing down the driveway.  Batman and Spiderman battle nearby.  Yes!  It's a fight!  C'mon now we were 9!


Now for some backyard football.  We played endlessly on the top of the hill.  I believe we staged a real game that day and Dad was the coach/referee.


Afterwards we decided to pose for our own football cards.  Eric Elfner - Quarterback, Bitters Court Bombers.


Steve Barlo - um, not sure, maybe another Quarterback, Bitters Court Bombers (and some Adair cars that I don't recall.)


Mike B - Running Back, Bitters Court Bombers.


And Jon Elf - Offensive Line (how prescient), Bitters Court Bombers.  (Note the excellent '72 Gran Torino station wagon next to the not so excellent pea green Pinto.  Ours didn't explode at all, it was just way to prone to oversteer.)



It is always good fun to take a picture of someone taking your picture.  "What fun!" we think.  "When these are done, I will put them side by side and be vastly amused."   That almost always never happened, especially back then when you had to wait for things to be developed, and especially if one of the cameras was for movies!  But here you are, my picture of the rest of my family with my Dad shooting on the Fuji Single 8 camera, and a screen capture of me, your intrepid 9yo photographer with my trusty Argus Seventy Five (which still works by the way.)



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