August 1975 - Road America, Cottage and Bike Jump

My second August '75 roll jumps all over the place.  It starts out at Road America, then a few shots at the cottage and then a last shot of a bike jump we made out of dirt at the foot of our driveway on Bitters Court.


Here's a heavily cropped shot of Eliot with Jon and Chris and a racecar.  He must be holding the program for that weekend, which could have been the waning days of the Can-Am series.  That looks like one of the thunderous Can-Am cars.


The bridge, just shy of Start/Finish, is always a good place to get interesting shots.  The old paddocks look very similar to my Mom & Dad's visit to RA 10 years earlier.


Jon, Chris, Cynthie, a Big Wheel and the 1950s Schwinn, "Big Blue" that still lives and is ride-able at the cottage today.  They were setting up an accident (we watched a lot of 'Emergency!' back then.)


Here's the staged accident.  Jon is staying in character as the victim.  Cynthie and Chris not so much.


That is some a cool GI Joe fleet.  Actually, only the VTOL plane is an authorized Adventure Team vehicle.  The other ones are knock-offs, but at the correct scale, who cares?  That passenger seat on the plane seems dubious anyway.


Blurry picture with a good story.  That's Mike B. on his Schwinn Stingray modified with drop down handlebars and a racing seat (we all had that mod!)  He's going over a jump we built out of some dirt and yard waste my Dad put by the curb.  He better watch that right foot that's way off the pedals, but I think he made this jump.  Evel Knievel was huge back then so we had a blast jumping our bikes for what seems like all summer.  Then one day the garbage truck came by and took it, and that was the end of that.  Very sad.



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