July 1975 - The Monsters

Every Summer, my brother Jon and our friends Mike and Steve formed a band and produced a 'concert' for the neighborhood.  Inspired by Steve's brothers, who had a real band, we would work up a set list, record it to tape, setup a stage and practice air guitaring, air drumming and lip syncing to our three or four songs.  Then we'd have a show for the neighborhood, charging a dime or so per ticket.  We actually did donate half our earnings to a charity, the American Cancer Society, and split up the rest probably to be spent on candy at Robb's drugstore in Allouez's Village Gate.

Anyhow, the 1975 show was an open air concert on the patio of our house with amphitheater seating on the hill.  I believe Uncle Albert by Paul McCartney and maybe Joy to the World by Three Dog Night were on the set list.  These rare photos from my Argus 75 were from a rehearsal.


The band tunes up before rehearsal.  Notice we only had one real set of toy drums, so Jon had to cobble together a set with a bongo and a couple metal trucks.  I am glad that did not derail his actual musical career!  Mom!  I was just taking a picture.  Jeez!  But now I'm glad she's in the shot so we can see the fine seventies fashion.


Jon Elf, drums.  Well, kinda drums.  He could get some amazing sound out of those things though.


Mike B, drums.  We were a versatile band and switched instruments often.  The previous year I had been on the Mickey Mouse drums and Mike was on guitar.  (Someone's been scribbling on my drums.  Chris?  You know anything about that?)


Steve Barlo was a new addition to the band for '75.  The previous year we'd been a threesome.  I think we hired him for his technical accumen since his brothers had a real band.  They played on the patio once or twice, which is where we got the idea.


Mom must have taken over the camera because here is the entire band, including a roadie.


Then she said something funny to make us all laugh.  Nice shot!


Meanwhile in the front of the house, Cynthie keeps watch over Bitters Court.


She was a good dog.  A black Miniature Schnauzer with unclipped ears.  This looks to be shortly after her annual haircut.  She was usually much more mop-like.



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