June 1976 - GI Joes at the Cottage

Most of this roll is at the cottage, but it starts out with a shot on Bitters Court.  Always good to see my new/old neighbor Steve Adair.


Here's our neighbor, Steve Adair.  He was younger than me, in between Jon and Chris' ages, but he lived on Bitters Court all the time I did growing up.  Thirty years later, just after we moved to our house, I bumped into him at the local Pick 'n' Save.  "Where do you live?" and so forth.  His house and mine today have backyards that face each other.  I have Adair neighbors once again.  Very cool.


Now we've come up to the cottage.  Jon and I had a little tree in the driveway we liked to climb.  I assume this is Jon, and I am taking the picture.  We liked to wait up there for company and then make the branches wave as they pulled in.


The GI Joes battle it out behind my thumb in the driveway of the cottage.  As you can see I liked shooting miniatures and we'd set up scenes to photograph.  Kind of like a Viewmaster reel we created ourselves.


I had to crop this one because my finger was really in the way, but here's Jon in behind a GI Joe scene.  There's our silver 1972 Gran Torino station wagon in the background.  I remember it as a great car, but I don't really remember it.  The 1976 brown Torino station wagon that replaced it was a pretty good car and the silver 72 seems even better.


I had the African-American GI Joe Commander.  He was cool.  He had Kung-Fu grip and talked, but he was a close second favorite to my Sea Adventurer (red hair and beard.)  I didn't know the Sea Adventure was called that until e-Bay, I just called him Red.


This is Jon's guy.  I can't remember if he was the Commander or the Land Adventure.  They both had black hair and beards.  Jon, do you remember if he talked?  Jon also had the Air Adventurer.  Blond hair and beard.



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