May 1975 - Mothers' Day

Another weekend with my camera on Bitters Court.  It begins with some shots around the outside of our house and concludes with some pictures of a Mothers' Day party in the back yard.  This roll of film is notable because it was used for my first experience in a darkroom making prints from my negatives.  My Dad took me to St. Norbert College's darkroom to show me printing.  He also taught me how to develop black & white negatives, but I'm not sure if that was with this roll.


Here's a picture of my little brother in our backyard.  I must have jiggled the camera causing blurriness.


This is our neighbors driveway.  I remember the hoop, I remember Schnaps the Schnauzer.  That looks like Chris petting him.  I have no memories of that boat.  I remember a pop-up camper they had, maybe a smaller boat, but not this inboard/outboard.


Here's a nice shot of the mid-1970s Elfner/Hansen family (without me because I was taking the photo) on the back patio at Bitters Court.  Looks like I was at the right distance and held the camera steady.  The old Argus could take a nice photo if you did everything right.  Mothers Day presents in the foreground.  G&G haven't quit smoking yet, and I love Chris' dour expression.


Looks like Mom got a homemade, or perhaps schoolmade, present from me.  If I remember correctly it was a bottle that was decorated with a kind of paper mache of little squares that dried to the shape of the bottle.


It was very easy to do a double exposure with the Argus.  If you turn the knob, you've cocked the shutter whether you've advanced the film all the way or not.


Nothing you can't improve with a bit of creative cropping.  I remember that poster hanging somewhere in the house, but I don't recall where.


Grandma gets some cocktail napkins with a golf theme.  Look at that sandbox over her right shoulder.  I have a very dim memory of that (green?  metal?), but not sure.  Dad's got the downspouts going underground though.  Looks like the Adairs are still working on theirs.


Scott and Bob, my teenage cousins, stopped by for a visit.  Their family was on the way back from camping in Door County as I recall.  At that age they look like they haven't quite grown into their legs yet, and they are stuck in Seventies fashions.  But check out the Adirondack chair my grandfather made.  I would love to recreate that.  Did he use a certain kind of wood, Dad, or am I thinking of the benches?



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