April 1975 - Bitters Court

Another good idea was to pose our super heroes in the yard and take pictures of them.  I'm sure my parents thought it was a waste of film, but we had good fun.  I was getting the hang of the camera too.  But pictures of 7" super heroes are kind of boring, so I'll share the pictures of people in the periphery.


Steve poses with a bike.  I believe that was my little one speed that my Dad customized with drop handlebars and a racing seat.  It was actually a pretty cool mod when everyone else was riding Sting Rays.  Years later we would strip down the paint and replace the handlebars and tires for a BMX look for Chris.  Quite a versatile machine.


Here are a couple super heroes, or villains at least.  The Penguin seems to be revelling in a victory.  I included this picture because you can see across the street to the Garlands' house on Capri Court and Resurrection's church bell tower beyond.


Mr. Barlament is getting some spring cleanup done while we play with nary a care in the world.  I can relate now.


Libby is pretending to pour out someone's 7-Up.  Loving those 16 oz returnable soda bottles.



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