October 1974 - Bitters Court

I was still learning to use this 'new' camera (from 1948) of mine and still making some mistakes.


We had a good idea to take our own footbal card pictures of each other.  We used half a roll of film on it, and they all turned out like this.  As I was scanning them I figured out what I did.  The camera had a 'time' setting that would hold the shutter open as long as you held the button.  If you're not on a tripod, you get blur like this.


Then I shot on an overly sunny day and into the sun.  Here's Mike with a little over-exposure.


This shot of my parents house turned out OK.  That little tree is now 30 feet tall.


Evidently my grandparents were visiting because this is their LTD.  I think this is Grandma's blue one, but Grandpa had a copper colored one as well.



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