August 1974 - Road America

My Dad always took his camera to Road America, so I thought I'd take mine too.  Here's what I came up with.


Before we left for Road America, I took a picture of Mike and Molly on Bitters Court.  You had to be careful loading that 620 film or you would get light leak like you see on either side of this shot.


Turn 5 looking pretty similar to the way it does today, but they've trimmed the weeds on that hill.  Here's some other comparison shots if you are interested:  Road America then and Now.


There's Eliot with his camera, zoom lens and Tripod, with Jon sitting behind him.  Someday I'll find the shots he was taking that day.  (And then I might be able to see what kind of cars are on the track!)


Jon and Eric.  Now we are on the other side of turn 5.  Not sure if the hunting hats were our idea or our parents.  I have a vague recollection that we thought they were cool.


Jon and Dad are working on something in the program.


This is how I remember viewing my Dad when I was a kid.  I think that's a seventies St. Norbert Green Knights shirt he is wearing.



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