April 1974 - Bitters Court

This is the first roll of film I shot with my Mom's old Argus Seventy Five twin lens box camera.  I suspect this was an oldish roll of film because I remember the color fade you see here right from the time I got it back from the lab.  In fact, my new scanner does a better job of color correction than the lab did in 1974.  It's mostly just me carrying the camera around the front yard and taking some shots of the neighborhood.


These are my friends Mike and Steve standing in front of our garage.  You can see our 1972 Ford Gran Torino Station Wagon in the background.  What a great car.  We would use football helmets when we rode our bikes, trikes and big wheels to be like Evel Knievel on his motorcycle.


What I recall of this photo is that it was taken in front of my brother Jon's preschool.  That's Jon standing with his Packer jacket.  My Mom is holding my brother Chris with the light hair.  The other woman looks familiar, but I don't know who it is.  Perhaps my Mom will recognize her.


Mom or Dad took a turn with 'my' camera and got a nice shot of the Elfner boys on a Big and Little Wheel.  Those things were a blast!


I setup a photo of Mike and Jon on their rides.


The negative is faded and scratched, but this is a nice shot looking down our driveway East down Bitters Court.  I showed my daughter the picture and she recognized it as her grandparents' street, but we both agreed there are a lot more trees there today.


Looking to the right, kind of southeastish, are what were the Van Buren and Pokel homes back then.  No idea who is standing there.


Standing in my friend Mike's driveway.  I think he is in the red and his sister and a friend are playing in the sandbox.  Look at the fingerprint in the lower left.



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