An Old Photo Album

Here are some old photo collections.  We try not to put too many recent photos of our kids on the Internet, but here are some old ones.  If you are interested in my photo archives from high school, college and beyond, contact me and I'll point you to them.

0803j&el.jpg (15888 bytes)

Labor Day 2002:  My 5-year-old son and my Dad both waterski on the same beautiful day at the cottage.

0209emmy.jpg (26615 bytes)

September 2002:  We went to Bay Beach while we were visiting Eric's Mom & Dad in Green Bay.  Emily enjoyed all the rides, especially when she could drive!

0210j&em.jpg (24203 bytes)

Halloween 2002:  Jake Favre and Emily the Lion take to the streets to collect candy on Halloween.

0208_944.jpg (11329 bytes)

Summer 2002:  After 16 years, Eric gets the car he always wanted in high school and college, a 1986 Porsche 944.

Here are some of our favorite family photos:

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This page was last updated 11/21/2002.

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