Green Bay Packer Super Bowl Champions

Amy, Eric & Leo after Super Bowl XXXI
January 26, 1997
Packers 35 - Patriots 21
  Amy, Eric kids & Callie after Super Bowl XLV
February 6, 2011
Packers 31 - Steelers 25

What can happen in the 14 years between Packer Super Bowl Victories?  Well in our case, 3 kids, 2 houses, a couple of jobs and a dog instead of a cat.  Still have the same spouse and the same guitar though!

Although Jake wasn't born to see the Super Bowl XXXI win, Amy was several months pregnant.  I bet he heard some cheers when Rison scored that first touchdown and when Reggie made all those sacks at the end.  Funny, I can't remember who was the Packers quarterback that day?  (Or perhaps I choose not to!  12 is 3 times 4 you know.  ;-)

To this day I take good care of my old negatives, but for some reason this roll from 1997 was severely scratched up.  Lots of Paint Shop Pro scratch remover was used to clean up the 1997 shot.  I left a lot though.  As it turns out, scratch remover has a lot of trouble with cat fur.  Too many colors and textures so it just turns the scratch into a smudge.

We took two shots of the 2011 photo.  The out-take was a better shot of Sam and Callie, but we didn't look as elated as we really were!


Hoping to add another one to this page next year!!

Eric Elfner
February 2011


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