Steven La Plant

Steven La Plant was a very good friend who passed away on May 25, 2005 after a long and tough fight against lymphoma.  Here are some pictures and stories about his life.

This is a nice photo I found of Steven at Kevin & Suzanne's wedding in 1993.  As time went on, he evolved his look beyond this, with longer hair and a hipper, European fashion sense (thanks to Helle), but this picture really shows Steven in a way I like to remember him:  big smile on his face, open and friendly, doing something nice for his friends.  Thanks for the beer, Steven!

Steven's Obituary, prepared by his sister, Lisa, and her husband Stephen
April 26, 2005 - Steven's web page.  It was just a bookmark page from his hosting provider, but he wrote a little overview about himself on it.
November 8, 2002 - Milwaukee Business Journal Article about Steven
1981 - 1992 - Older Photos I had of Steven
More Recent Photos I had of Steven
Why this Song?

Steven & Helle were married in Denmark in 2002.  This is a photo of the bride and groom with Steven's family that he scanned and sent to me shortly after the wedding.


Drop me an e-mail at elfner.web (at) if you have any stories or thoughts about Steven you'd like me to add to this page.

Eric Elfner
July 2008


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This page was created by Eric Elfner on 8/14/2008.  He updated it on 12/17/2009 with a better version of Steven's Obituary.

Note about this domain:  A year or so after Steven died, I was transferring my domains and web hosting to a new provider and saw that Steven's domain,, had expired.  I grabbed it without really knowing why.  Eventually I decided to put up this little memorial, but if any of his family would like it for something else, feel free to let me know.  It can also be found at .