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In My Life

This area of our web page is a spot for essays and photos about family and friends, places and things from our lives.  Some of them are linked from our family tree.


Eliot Sherburne Elfner
Joseph Sherburne Elfner
Jacob Joseph Elfner


Steven La Plant

Other Relatives

Frank Hiebsch (Great Grandfather)
Larry & Bert Hansen
Dr. Oliver Fairfield Wadsworth (2nd Great Grandfather)
Oliver Fairfield Wadsworth, Jr. (Great Grandfather)
Christmas with Our Cousins


Abbot Pennings High School
Abbot Pennings High School - 1985
Bitters Court in the 1970s
The Elfner Cottage Story
Visiting my Grandparents House - 223 Amesbury Circle 15 Years Later
Road America
Pink Panther Ski Area
My other Grandparents 1940 House in South Bend, IN


Packer Super Bowl Victories


Elfner Family Cars
Ford Torino Station Wagons