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  This is a page I hope to add to if anyone can find anything interesting that used to belong on the Pink Panther Ski Hill.  For the moment all I have are the items I used in the header above, but you can click on these to get a better look.

1960s Lift Ticket - The older style Lift Ticket No 213 courtesy of Mark Cain.  You can see young Mark wearing one like it (No 103) in this photo.

2 Lift Tickets from 1978-79 - Orange Ticket No 1067 and Pink Ticket No 1085.  If my memory is correct, these would be from 1978-79.  I skied a few times that year and had passes after that.  Mark Cain and I believe this would have been the last year of the Pink Panther name before it was renamed Snowburst.  His brother Steve had connections at a local print shop and he didn't think they would have used tickets that said Pink Panther after the name changed.  I found these in an old box of my stuff and was surprised how small they were - about 2"x2" once they were folded in half over the wire.

Green Bay Press Gazette Ski School Patch - This is from the ski school that the Green Bay Press Gazette sponsored every year.  It was sent to me by Scott Crevier, and I had one just like it.  Here it is.