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  It seems to me that the Press Gazette should have dozens of references to Pink Panther over the years, probably some with photos, but I have not found any sort of index for those years that would help me zero in on them.  For now, I've gotten a few contributions which I will display in reverse chronological order.

1972 - Green Bay Press Gazette Article about the Press Gazette Ski School held every year at Pink Panther.  This was scanned for me by Eric Schumacher, who is in the photo as an instructor at the PGSS.

1969 - Milwaukee Journal Article - The Press Gazette does not have old online archives, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal has some from a google.  Mark found this article in there, although we believe the opening date is wrong.  It indicates it opened 'this year' meaining 1968-69, but Mark has a season pass from 1964-65 which is what he believes was the first year.  I do like how it discusses how they picked the name.  (article courtesy of Mark Cain)

1961 - Family Ski Center on the Ledge (before Pink Panther) - Mark had mentioned to me that they used to ski the land before the ski hill opened up.  He found this article in his archives that discusses them having a family ski hill on 'The Ledge'.  I figured that was just an area of De Pere, but Mark tells me 'The Ledge' refers to the Niagra Escarpment that runs from Niagra Falls and across the entire state.  Note the old bakery truck in the photo.  It was used to run the rope tow!  (scan courtesy of Mark Cain)

I have a request into the Brown County Library to see if they have some sort of paper index, but I have not heard back.