Hansen Family Moves

According to my Mom, Larry and Bert had to move quite often for Larry's work and because housing was scarce after World War II.  In an e-mail from Bonnie, she listed many of the places they lived while she was little.

"Dad and Mom moved around Chicago so much because getting housing during the was was so hard.  All were ONE-bedroom places, with "in-a-doors" (now called Murphy beds.)

"When I was in kindergarten, we had an apartment facing a park beyond which was the lake and a lighthouse at 7900 South Shore Drive.  Then we moved to Dad's Mom's because my mom was having a precarious pregnancy and not supposed to be alone during the day.  We then got out of Dodge and moved to 83rd and Cottage Grove area for my second through fifth grades. 

"Finally we moved to Lombard and our first house for sixth grade for me.  It had grass, back and front yards, sidewalks and kids to walk to school with and play together.  It was a little house that I thought was a castle.  I had my own bedroom with a former glass-fronted gun case that became my doll-display case  I had lots of friends and fun there. 

"Finally in April of my freshman year of high school we moved to Hales Corners."

(I pickup the story here.)  Larry was offered a promotion within Household Finance while Bonnie was in high school, and asked Bonnie what she thought.  Bert told me that she said it was fine, but they could tell she really did not want to move again.  So Larry turned down the promotion so they could stay in the Milwaukee area until Bonnie finished high school.  They were still there when he retired.  They moved to a condo in Greenfield in 1970, and kept it until they bought their Florida house in 1978.

Bert had one more move up to Green Bay in 1992 to be closer to my folks.  She told me the number of times she moved during her married life.  I recall it being in the mid-twenties.  If I count all my moves from birth I come up with lucky thirteen, and that includes two dorm rooms in the same building.

Eric Elfner
February 2009


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