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Eliot & Bonnie Elfner

Eliot Elfner is a professor at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin.  He and his wife, Bonnie, raised three boys in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  As of 2008, they have nine grandchildren.  All 17 of us were at the cottage for Thanksgiving 2008, and we managed to get the picture below.

The next photo was taken in December of 2005, but photoshopped to add a baby and make it current for 2006.  I like both of these pictures because the kids are not necessarily on their own parents laps, and spouses are not necessarily sitting next to each other.  It's just a big family gathering, and really displays the kind of weekend Eliot & Bonnie enjoy with their family.

Here's a summer picture from 2005 outside the cottage.

And one more Christmas one from 2001.  Fewer kids and the little girls are on their Moms' laps.  We're all wearing shirts from The Black Dog restaurant on Martha's Vineyard.

Eric Elfner
December 2008