Ode to the 1972 (and 1976) Ford Torino Station Wagons

Unloading the Gran Torino at the Sun City Center Pool - 1976

The Elfner family cars I most remember growing up with were our own 'Family Trucksters', the Torino Station Wagons.  The first was a silver 1972 Gran Torino Wagon, bought fresh off the lot of Yineman Dorsch Ford in DePere.  It was the best looking of the two with a still stylish silver paint job and the 72's distinctive grill (see page 4.)  As it began to rust out (and I have a picture of the tailgate rusting already in 1975 and in the 1976 picture above) my Dad got worried and found a replacement, a 1976.  It wasn't a Gran, the grill was more boring and it was brown, but it had a bigger motor.  The '76 was the one on which I learned to drive and the one I remember most, although if I got one today, it would have to be a 1972. 

I recently picked up a 1972 Ford Torino sales brochure and it was too much fun not to share with the family.  So enjoy the trip down Memory Lane.

All-new mid-size Gran Torino '72
...better ideas from Ford

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Eric Elfner
October 2011

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