Amy & Eric in College

Amy and Eric met during their junior year at Marquette University, which they both attended from August of 1985 until May of 1989.  They both graduated with bachelors degrees in Business Administration.  Eric missed it so much that he returned for his MBA, which he received in 1996.  Here are some of our favorite pictures from our undergraduate, days.

Graduation Night

8905grad.jpg (45259 bytes)

May 1989:  Here is most of the gang on our graduation night.  After attending the college's events, we went to the bars, but soon realized that the girls had a full quarter barrel left from one of the Senior Week events.  Of course it was on ice, so we hauled it to Eric's house and had a fine impromptu graduation party.  Somehow, J Hussein and I managed to organize a group photo.

Some Good Friends

8904_apb.jpg (18514 bytes)

Spring 1989:  Amy and Patty at Amy's house with Bob looking on.   Note the list of things to bring to Mardi Gras in the background.

8905_j&e.jpg (20796 bytes)

May 1989:  Elf and J at the Golden Fox in Princeton, Wisconsin (sadly no longer exists) during our well-deserved break at the cottage after a strenuous Senior Week.

The Bush House

June 1987 - August 1989 - This is the Bush House just North of 15th and Kilbourn.  It's not there anymore, replaced in 1990 by a bland apartment building called the Kensington.  I lived here with J, Bob & Kevin my junior year and Jeff, Quigs and Kevin during senior year (see group pictures below.)  It was a fine duplex in its day, but by the time we got there it was a dump.  There were still traces of its former glory in the woodwork though.  We had a great time here.  I was always disappointed I didn't have a picture of the front, but when Marquette published digital versions of the yearbooks online, I found this one.  Ironically it was for a yearbook article about substandard student housing!

Eric's Roommates

8804_bh1.jpg (17863 bytes)

Spring 1988:  Kevin, J, Elf and Bob record their junior year living in the very, scary Bush House for posterity.

8902_bh1.jpg (18296 bytes)

Spring 1989:  Senior year Bush House inhabitants Jeff, Kevin, Elf and Quigs recreate the moment.  Nice hair, Eric.

Eric's Mohawk

8510moh1.jpg (26431 bytes) 8510moh2.jpg (37671 bytes)

October 1985:  Eric asserts his rebel streak by getting a mohawk like Jim McMahon's right before Halloween of his freshman year.  Once I decided to do it, I asked around the dorm to see who would give me money and/or beer to do it.  I think I got about sixty dollars and three six-packs.  Between that and having a natural Halloween costume as a "Hard Core Punk Rocker", it was well worth it.

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