The 2009 Elfner Christmas Card Challenge


Before                                                                                                            After

We love Aunt Pam, but when we decided to use this picture for our Christmas card in 2009, we had to get rid of her.  Uncle Tyler is a graphics artist and pretty good with the old Photoshop, so we had him change it to 'kids only.'  Besides removing Pam, he made three other changes as well.  See if you can find them.  Answers below the official card.

  1. Aunt Pam

  2. Her Cell Phone

  3. A Wine Glass

  4. The Ball Washer

Nice work Tyler, thanks for the help.  Pam, always happy to have you in a photo of ours, but confusing in a Christmas card.  Thanks for being a good sport.  Happy 2010 to All!


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