Fixing the Turn Signal Reset

A common problem on the 944 series of cars is that the turn signal reset stops working and you must turn off the turn signal by hand.  When I bought my 944 the turn signal would usually reset after a left turn, but never on a right turn.  After a month or two of daily driving, neither side would reset.

The problem is that the reset pin on the turn signal lever gets worn down and the peg on the steering wheel that resets it no longer makes good contact.  The solution is to remove the steering wheel and make the reset pin a little thicker so it contacts the reset pin.  

Procedure:  To remove the steering wheel, you need to take off the horn pad (pull real hard) and disconnect a ground wire for the horn.  You will then see a 24mm nut that is easy to remove.  Be sure to center the steering wheel first, so you can reinstall it at dead center.  IF YOU HAVE AN AIRBAG, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO DISABLE THE AIRBAG FIRST (They explode, you know!)

Here are some pictures from my car.


Although somewhat washed out, you can see the reset pin just to the left of the steering wheel post.  This is the culprit that gets worn down over time.


Here's the back of the steering wheel.  You can see the peg sticking up that is supposed to contact the reset pin.


I was a bit wimpy on my first attempt and used about three layers of electrical tape to make it slightly thicker.  Unfortunately this was not enough to do the trick.


I went strong the second time and wrapped the tape around about a dozen times to really thicken it up.  I tried to install it as you see here, but the increased depth wouldn't let it seat properly.  I ended up trimming it to the depth of the original peg.

Results:  This repair completely fixed the reset problem for left turns, but it occasionally still does not reset to the right.   It's a pretty easy repair that can be easily undone if you ever decide to replace the entire stalk assembly.

2008 Update:  Last summer the turn signals were back to their old tricks of not resetting.  I suspect the tape has shredded and I need to do this again.  One tip I read on the Rennlist forums is to use 1 layer of beer or soda can aluminum and wrap that around the steering wheel peg.  He suggested gluing it down with JB Weld or something.  He also suggested it was a two-beer job.  After you have the first beer, enjoy a second one while you cut apart the first can and make this fix.  Sounds like good advice....

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