Eric's 1986 Porsche 944

I first discovered 944s reading "Road & Track" during study hall in high school in the early 1980s.  I loved the way all the Porsches looked then, but decided some day I'd own a 944.  That someday came almost 20 years later in October of 2001 when I bought my 1986 Guards Red 944.

After owning a 944 for 9 years, I passed it on to a friend of mine who was ready to tackle some work I knew it needed.  It was the car I wanted in high school and was a lot of fun for the time I had it.  Driving a 24-year-old car does come with a degree of stress though because you're always wondering what's going to break next.  So it's on to a new home and I'm enjoying my V70 R, but the whole family has good memories of the time we had with a little red Porsche.  I learned a little bit about cars too.  Some of the things we fixed are linked at the bottom of this page.

One day I was driving to work in the 944.  I was heading down highway 41 going about 75mph with the sunroof off.  I was listening to Van Halen's greatest hits, which I keep in the 944 along with a pair of Wayfarers as my 80s time capsule.  I was enjoying the ride immensely and thought to myself, "If my 17-year-old self could see my 40-year-old self right now he'd think everything turned out just fine!"  It certainly has for numerous reasons far beyond owning a 944, but I'm not sure 17-year-old Eric would "get" all the other stuff!


Here it is sitting in the driveway on a beautiful morning.  "There she sits, buddy, just gleamin' in the sun..."

The 4 cylinder power plant.  You ought to hear it though.  It has a great sound and you won't believe it's a 4-banger.

My kids love it too.


I'm not much of a mechanic, but I make an effort.  Here I'm trying to wrest the oilpan drainplug loose.  Dang gorillas at the shop!


0210j&em.jpg (24203 bytes)

My 944 sitting with a relative at Porsche Park, located just outside turn 1 at Road America near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.  The local PCA just re-did Porsche Park in May 2004.  Come check it out!

I have learned much about these cars from the wonderful forums of Rennlist.  If you have any interest in these cars, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  I even wrote up a fix for turn signals.  If you have a 944, see if any of this helps.

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